115 Years Ago

One hundred and fifteen years ago today Bram Stoker publish the novel Dracula. The story stuck around, living on like the undead vampires. There have been numerous films based on the book itself or its characters (such as Abraham Van Helsing). Tales of vampires, vampire hunters, and the struggle to ward off this wickedness has captured the attentions of readers, writers, and film-goers for generations upon generations.

I was aware of this fact, this weighty history, long before I decided to even start the research for The Shadow of Dracula; Harker’s Inheritance. I did not seek to piggyback its fame and legacy with something cheaply written and expect it to sell just because it has the name Dracula in the title (nor for its association with the classic).

On the contrary, the mass of love and appreciation this classic has developed over this one hundred and fifteen years is the very thing that kept me focused on giving my all to write the best possible “continuation” story I could. That is something I want everyone to know. I wrote my book because I love this story.

I dedicated myself to keeping every action and plot point well within the spirit of the beloved classic. I did this because I have a strong aversion (as I avoid saying “hate”) toward books that tag along with public domain classics and then completely undermine everything the original work had stood for. I’m think of, though I haven’t read, the book that lays out secret journals of Bram Stoker’s character, Mina Harker. These are meant to say that Mina was in love with Dracula, the vampire, and wished to be with him. For me, a fan of the original work, I find this a mockery of Stoker’s novel. It deviates from the original story so far that completely invalidates the heart of the classic.

So, on this mile marker day, I just want to assure potential readers that my book was written in the utmost respect for Bram Stoker’s enduring tale, Dracula. It was my love of this book that generated my story in the first place.

With that I’d like to say, Happy Dracula Day (or would that be “Night…”).