2017: Strive to Thrive

Here we are, friends/family/zombie survival crew! 2017 is here at last! So what now?

Last year – you know, that one we no longer speak of aloud – ended with a legacy of death and political unrest. I’m not here to comment or react to such events. At least not yet. I will talk about many of those we lost last year in future posts. As for this particular one, what else do you expect me to talk about other than the obvious: RESOLUTIONS.

Hey, who rolled their eyes? I heard that. [Insert smirk-y face.] Yes, I know. Resolutions are so last year. And the year before that. They are usually copy-and-pasted from resolutions that weren’t accomplished the previous year and abandoned by Valentine’s Day. Well, generally speaking at least! As for me, I have come to the personal realization that I have been approaching this all wrong.

The New Year’s Resolution is typically approached like a bullet-point list where we tell ourselves, ‘do this,’ or, ‘don’t do that.’ It’s a decision. A rule. An order to be obeyed. Typically very unforgiving and totalitarian. However, there’s another way to look at this.

A resolution is a term also used when a problem or conflict has been addressed and. . . resolved peacefully. Doesn’t that already feel kinder than the authoritarian New Year’s Resolution?

So I have decided that 2017 is going to be the year I resolve my inner conflicts and address my problems. . . to endeavor toward a peaceful RESOLUTION. This, in turn, makes my new year about TRUTH, BOLDNESS, and challenging myself to venture far beyond my “comfort zone” (gamers, read: Save Point).

Thus, I will now share my personal list which stands in for would-be New Year’s Resolution. Future posts will expand on what these mean to me.

2017: Strive to Thrive:

  • Speak the Truth. Especially to myself. Say what I want to and SHOW who I am.
  • Rewrite. . . my thoughts. They are my navigation tools. I am in character development.
  • Put the OUT in Routine. I have been hiding in the mundane after taking a few too many hits from Life. Get back OUT there and make things happen!
  • Be well. Spiritually. Mentally. Physically. In that order. I acknowledge my weak areas without condemning myself for them. Weaknesses can and will be strengthened!

Each of these have an unknown number of tangential lists that go with them, which actually proves my point even more. Resolving the problem at the source will bring the whole system back in online. Everything will begin to fall into place with a brutal, overbearing attitude of do’s and don’ts.

For instance. Lose weight. That’s not a goal. That is a positive byproduct of deciding to embark on a healthy lifestyle in which one is conscious of what they eat and exercises with intention. But! If the real problem is an underlying anxiety such as, “I’m uncomfortable with a small, fit body, because I don’t like the attention I get. I don’t feel like I fit in with athletic people and I don’t want to be an outsider,” then what? If that is how I feel (and, hi Truth! I do), then making a Resolution to “Lose Weight/Get in Shape” WILL fall apart.

Instead, I have to RESOLVE the problem: my internal body image and lack of confidence. I need to get out of my comfort zone. I need to be okay with being the outsider. And/or ACCEPT the acceptance! I can acknowledge that I feel anxiety in a certain situations without avoiding it altogether (by binge-watching STRANGER THINGS, or other Netflix shows)! Inner Me be all like:

Eleven and her Eggos.

So, hello 2017 (and joining friends/family/survivors of yesteryear). My name is Corissa Baker. I am an actress and writer and film director – in that order. My day job does not define me, but rather INFORMS me. Being strong and self-confident does not make me vain or stuck up (speaking to myself here). Being afraid of change only PREPARES me for the change – which is how I will Thrive. I speak the truth and keep my word – relentlessly. I am me. I am meant for more.

I will find or create the resolutions for my problems and endeavor to persevere.