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2018 in Five Words or Less.

Well, here we are again. Happy New Year! 2018.

Personally, I am feeling inexplicably positive about this year. I have this subtle sensation that I have passed through a crucible of sorts and all the dross has been cleared away. I don’t think that 2018 will be completely without struggles. I just feel stronger and better equipped to handle life.

In another post I’ll describe why, but I just feel much more grounded and self-assured lately. So, I decided not to make the typical “resolutions” or even the “revolution” that I have previously written about. This year I am simply, calmly instituting five words to focus on throughout the year – words that will act as guides as I redirect my current path toward something more closely aligned with who I am at my deepest core.

2018’s Five Words (that may extend for the rest of my life): Truth, Commitment, Health, Minimize, and Realization.

TRUTH – I endeavor to be honest with myself. True to who I am and what I want to do with my life. Honest in my words, always keeping my promises and commitment.

COMMITMENT – I endeavor to maintain my integrity through commitment and follow-through. Always commit to my plans and take action. My word is my bond. I do what I say. I see things through to the end.

HEALTH – I commit to my mental, spiritual, and physical health. I acknowledge that all three of these areas of health are EQUALLY important and will take the time every day to develop strength in each area.

MINIMIZE – Learn to let go of THINGS and cling only to that which holds the most value. I will be gradually releasing the clutter around me and keeping only the things that have practical use or bring me joy,

REALIZATION – I endeavor to MAKE REAL the person I am on the inside by being bold enough to start letting myself truly embrace the life I had, until now, only dreamed about. It cannot STAY a dream in order to BE my life. I grant myself permission to shine brighter and be indomitable.

I have started a 21 Day Yoga challenge through Wanderlust. This is only part of the rejuvenation of my true self. I’ll be building up more (blogs, photos, videos) as 2018 continues! Here’s to the next phase!