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21 Days In.

Here we are. 21 days into 2018.

I have just finished the 21 Day Yoga Challenge from WanderLust. It wasn’t only yoga that I committed to practicing for the first three weeks of 2018. I have kept a small checklist of a few things I plan to do for 395 days. Yoga is one of them. I am also using Duolingo to learn Spanish. I plan to pursue fluency. I will eventually resume my studies in the first language I was learning – Japanese. For now, I work with many people who speak Spanish, so I wanted to learn something I could use regularly.

In addition to a daily yoga practice and Spanish lessons, I am making sure I take the time to simply take care of myself. Part of this process has been through a gradual shift towards minimalism. This seemingly simple thing has already had a profound impact on my emotional/mental well-being. I no longer feel awkward about the small size of my Los Angeles apartment. I have all the space I need, honestly. I have been going though my stuff and learning to let go of things I don’t need. And this has an internal benefit as well.

Purification, by Corissa Baker

Learning to let go of things has been teaching me to let go of thoughts too. This process of letting go of old thoughts and mindsets has brought on a release of anxiety and self-doubt that I hadn’t realized I had been carrying. When you go through your belongings and truly examine its purpose for being in your life you are faced with the task of honest self-realization. Does this ‘thing’ truly represent ‘me’? Does it add value to my life? Value to ME. Not me – in the eyes of others. Which brings an internal mirror to yourself where you truly look at who you are…

Learning to be honest to myself and become authentically me in front of other is such a liberating experience. See, I realize now that a lot of my anxiety was attaching to feelings of inadequacy that was heavily related to being poor. Meaning, not having a lot of money. Yet, I honestly have my basic needs met. So what I am seeking now is true happiness in self-fulfillment.

I never wanted a mansion. I have always used the term “me-sized” to describe items I wanted. Not too big. Not too small. Me sized. I have reached a point where I see that I want more experiences and less stuff. I want more time, not more things. I want entire libraries, not full bookshelves. Any book I want I have access to with a card that fits in my wallet. Plus, the book comes with a due date which gives me more incentive to ACTUALLY READ IT. I can keep a few of my favorite books, but the rest can move on to other book shelves. And this is only an example.

I sense this concept of minimalism spreading for me. I am not forcing it. I am simply embracing it. Thereby embracing myself.

Overall, I am feeling very positive about 2018. I feel more myself and there’s a calming confidence that comes with that. I look forward to sharing more about my journey as the year moved onward!