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50 Days of 2018.

This post is coming a bit late in the day.

That’s because I was an adult and filed/PAID my taxes. All in one night. Talk about accomplishment, huh?

Still, I wanted to follow the plan and update my blog/website at increasingly regular intervals. As I was doing my Spanish Duolingo challenge of the day it was made apparent that today was DAY 50 of this new year.

Corissa’s Daily Duolingo Goal


I have been maintaining a small list of things to do every day and it has been helping to take little steps toward big changes. I have started to see that ways that things ARE POSSIBLE more often than feeling completely overwhelmed by life. I literally just PAID my TAXES without having a panic attack. Seriously, this is a huge step for me. [insert laughing and crying emojis here. Ha.]

Honestly, this post isn’t meant to be some big, long revelation. It’s just a simple moment that I’ve taken to appreciate the accomplishment of maintaining a 50 day streak of NOT COMPLETELY LOSING MY MIND. I’ve taken each day one at a time and kept moving forward. According to Duolingo I am 53% fluent in Spanish. Later we’ll see if that actually holds up to a fluency test. I have maintained a consistent commitment to my health in multiple areas. I have been eating healthier, exercising regularly, and taking the time to deal with what’s going on internally. I haven’t felt this put together. . . actually, ever before.

And reaching this point of maintainable self-improvement is a HUGE step. I feel so much more positive about 2018 than I did at the end of 2017. I am keeping my word to myself and taking ground whenever possible. Hopefully I will have even bigger updates in the next few weeks. For now, I’ll just continue getting my life on a permanently positive track. This will be a great year. Not because I SAY so, but because I DO SO.