A Change in Post

I’ve taken a break from updating my blog, as some of you may have noticed. This isn’t because I don’t have anything to write about. Rather, it’s because I’ve been busy writing a few new projects. These have been a little difficult to work through. The challenge I’ve discovered in these writing projects is that they are so close to home that it’s actually emotionally tough to get through.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the challenge. These are things that make you grow as a person. Putting yourself in the position to have to face yourself is probably the most difficult and best way to instigate positive growth. So I welcome it.

On top of this I’ve been ramping up my physical training. I’ve been condition for Capoeira (which I had been involved with during college) and for parkour. The latter has been the most fun and the most like me. Identifying myself as a traceuse (a female practioner of parkour) wasn’t a choice but more of a realization. When I was a kid I was always running, jumping off things, jumping from one point to another. I enjoy the challenge of it.

Parkour has started to gain global, popular awareness. So me, being me, I started my research. I’m not going to write you a research paper about parkour. The main thing to understand is that I found my personal philosophy fit with its philosophy. It was that connection that solidified my passion for it.

Those of you who know parkour probably know the name David Belle. And it’s him I’ll quote as my final explanation for why I feel so attuned with parkour.

“Parkour is firstly about the useful side, to teach people how to trust themselves, to learn to be careful. The philosophy is always to advance, never to stop. If some time you have problems, like in life, if you have an obstacle you must always continue forward.” – David Belle

Those of you who know me probably understand why I came to realize I already am a traceuse, long before I knew what that was.

So this is what I’ve been up to. Which is why I haven’t been writing much. Aside from that, I’m going to start writing more about film/tv and my favorite actors. This all ties into my personal endeavors, which is why it’s all relevant. This site will continue to improve the closer I get to achieving my goals. I intend to pick up the pace of my updates as well, once I’m able to talk about my projects. (If you talk too soon you’ll dissipate your own excitement for it and risk never finishing).

For now, I’ll get back to work.


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