Doctor Who Poem – The Once-Doctor

The written version: Narrator:     I, the voice,  of this playful fan tale must set the scene, making each face turn pale for on Earth, well… on a parrallel version we join Rose and Once-Doctor's typical excursion The Once-Doctor remembered the three faces that haunt and remembered all the destruction they'd want But Rose wasn't at that time to learn their true-name So she fell, as Martha had, when the witches came The human, Once-Doctor, was forced to give chase all the way to Bad Wolf Bay having followed the trace and now, under their words, he's in uncertain health But here I will let them all speak for his or herself: Carrionites:     Look at you there, a man so young and so old standing upright, you demand to be told how we three sisters could truly be free when instead you should offer us your plea did you think we'd