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Coffee with Corissa: Web-content and My Future

Hello again, and sorry for the long absence in my writing!

This blog post includes the first episode of a “web-show” I’ll be calling Coffee with Corissa.  Pretty much, it’s me talking about what I’m up to and telling amusing stories. I’ve been told that I can be rather entertaining when I go off on a tangent or tell a story from my childhood. So I’m going to test this out. Oh, and you’ll get to see how geeky I can be. Enjoy!

This first “episode” is about Me, My Plans, and the stuff (and thangs) in Between… I’m going to tell you a bit about my background and what exactly has been taking so long to get my career started! Yes, it does all boil down to money. But there are specifics… After the video, I’ll go into a little more detail…

So there’s that. Let me add that my further attempts to give myself financial freedom to pursue my artistic passion included my becoming an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer. This costed about $700. Then there was the further requirements of CPR and AED certification. Another $70. Simultaneous to this I consistently posted updates of “Badass Workouts” EVERY DAY for an ENTIRE YEAR to publicly share my journey and (as some have generously stated) inspire others along the way.

Now I should be able to make money with that, right? Um, well… Here’s the thing. I was “hired” at a local gym and began all the new employee training. Sounds good, right? Except… They didn’t actually pay. (Yeah…) Not hourly, anyway. I would be paid $10 for each fitness assessment (that takes an hour). I could get commissions from selling training packages… 5-10%, in 3-4 payments. Basically, $12 here and there. So I thought, well I’ll just figure it out to teach groups in a few classes… (Water aerobics, anyone?)

Just one issue there… I would have to get MORE certifications… AT MY OWN EXPENSE. Another $200 for a Group Training certification and yet another certification for the specific class I intend to teach. Well, okay. A semi-resonable “investment”, one would think… So, how much would I be paid to teach a class of 20 people for an hour? Um, $20…

Wait, so WHEN exactly does all my education and certifications actually start to MAKE me money…? Maybe I should just start taking my own clients, you say? Yeah, except that I don’t have legal protection in the form of liability insurance. Another $300+ expense. Thus leading me to the conclusion that I can’t afford to make money.

How messed up is that?

Well, now that I’ve vented in a slightly entertaining fashion, I will continue on with my various attempts of picking up freelance work as I slowly scrap together the funding to actually DO something. And if this has depressed you in any way, please stick around to watch the progress. It’s only an inspiring story AFTER the long, bloody, face-breaking battle is won. And remember one thing, Life plays by street rules.