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Daily Grind of a Different Kind!

Alright, let’s get real people. January has been a very turbulent time here in America. I needed to take the time to read and keep up with what has been happening in the social and political realm. I live in Los Angeles. So there’s no way to really ‘take a break’ from it. I do feel that I have a voice to add to the conversations happening around me (and the world), though for now I shall continue with my previously planned blog update!

Hi! So it’s been a month since my last update. My New Year’s redefinition!

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking. And rewriting my thoughts. I hold myself back too much, because I had received a lot of criticism in the past for speaking my mind. Years back I was a lot less confident and all but incapable of handling direct conflict. I’ve since developed the skills of respectful verbal combat. The last stage is actually starting to be MYSELF, speak my mind (and heart), and pursue my goals in the entertainment industry!

[Insert kissy-face emoji / drama masks emojis, ha!]

I’m getting back OUT of the routine! As previously declared in my last post post. Today I spent half the day with my friend and blade-smith master Bill Stroman adding to the blade I’ve been working on! Here I am below GRINDING my billet into an actual blade! [Thank you, @CandraHastings for taking this photo!]

Blades in Progress!

I realized that I’ve been spending too much time as a blank canvas while looking for art to be projected on me (metaphorically – as an actress), when I really just need to work on being the artist I am. I make blades. I’ll learn to fight with them and throw them. I will stop hiding in my so-called ‘safe zone’ and get back to action.

So many hobbies, so little time (or money)! I will guide my activities to play on the main goals. The Hollywood term for what I’m in the process of doing (as an actress) is ‘branding’. Like, who are you REALLY? Well, I’m the girl that forges my own blades to slice up the boxes people try to put me in. Should be fun! I’ll make sure it is. You have to enjoy the journey, right?!

Expect to see more random videos on INSTAGRAM or YOUTUBE. I will be working with what I have to show my love of artistic expression. It won’t always be highly refined or perfect (ha, like it was even going to be!). I just need to actually START somewhere. Oh, and that somewhere… will be raw, respectful, and probably (absolutely) deeply from the heart.

HOWEVER. My heart can be a pretty goofy place. Full of puns. And nachos. Be warned!