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Dating Myself: Part 1

Many things are shifting and forming for me. I’ve moved to California (Los Angeles, specifically). I’ve taken action on establishing a more firm financial ground. And re-formatting my personal filmmaking endeavors. Among these things, I’ve taken on a new relationship. I’ve been getting to know… myself.

Dating myself (as I’ve chosen to refer to it) is how I’m building up my confidence and self-assurance in my own projects. Initially, it’s just been a dinner here or a breakfast there. Just me, out doing something on my own. Because I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out WHAT I wanted (to be an actress, make my films, write my… everything) that I never really spent time learning WHO I am. What I enjoy… Not just what would look good on social media and all that. Besides, it could be said that I’m dating this city too. Los Angeles. Getting to know the place. Learning to love it. Or working out our differences?


Anyway. It’s been an interesting last few months. I’ve had to deal with some personal, logistical crap (which is boring and less-than-glamorous/inspiring). But once that settles I’ll be picking up pace with all my YouTube content and blogs. And once it starts again (in the not-so-distant future) I’ll be in it for good. Essentially, I’m taking control of my own career (again). I’ll be producing my own content and embracing it.

I want to share more of my writing here too. Creative fiction and non-fiction. Because sometimes it’s just easier to write it than to film it (especially when you don’t have your own room – yet). [wink]

“And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

Thanks for reading and all that!