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Dating Myself: Part 2; a dream date.

I asked myself the other day, “What would be a really good date to take you on?” So I answered myself in my prose, English-major sort of way (which actually brought me to tears – because I’m that cheesy). I said…

Photo by - Bobby Mikul

Photo by – Bobby Mikul

I want to spend a day or so walking through New York City in the chill of early autumn as all the leaves are changing. Adding color. Color to the already color-filled streets of that iconic city. The City that Never Sleeps… because its Dreams are Ambitions being pursued and made real. Too awake and full of life to surrender one second to sleep. Just like me.

I want to walk, to explore… all wrapped in scarves and a jacket. Cozy. Comfortable. Except for my fingers. These remain exposed to the cold in fingerless gloves so I’m free to snap photos with my camera (which, of course, will be my traveling companion). I will walk; awake. Conscious of life and art (lifeart, as I would make it).

I would capture what captures me. What captures my heart. I’d breathe New York City. See it. Feel it. And the pictures I’d take would expose my heart and mind to anyone who cared to look (to really, honestly look). It would be as if they had walked with me that day. That date.

Then… when my fingers and hands are too cold to hold my companion I’d slip into a tiny cafe (only the locals would know). I’d clutch a cup of heat, of coffee, and sip it slowly. I’d let the warmth permeate me thoroughly. Sitting in silence as I stared out the window at whatever was out there. The World’s Stage. Taking in the show.

I don’t know the name of that street yet. Or the cafe that awaits me. But I will. We’ll sit together and listen to the heartbeat of a city. I’ll be like a drop of blood running through the veins, the alleys and avenues, of the Heart. Because like the heart never stops for sleep, neither does New York City.

And I want to walk through the cold, colorful streets of this busy city and sip warmth. See life. And just be… me.

“Sounds lovely,” I answered myself. “Let’s keep that in mind. But, um, for now… How about we just order some Domino’s? We’ll take this slow, okay?”

Always the cheapskate. (Haha!)