Doctor Who Poem – The Once-Doctor

The written version:

Narrator:     I, the voice,  of this playful fan tale
must set the scene, making each face turn pale
for on Earth, well… on a parrallel version
we join Rose and Once-Doctor's typical excursion

The Once-Doctor remembered the three faces that haunt
and remembered all the destruction they'd want
But Rose wasn't at that time to learn their true-name
So she fell, as Martha had, when the witches came

The human, Once-Doctor, was forced to give chase
all the way to Bad Wolf Bay having followed the trace
and now, under their words, he's in uncertain health
But here I will let them all speak for his or herself:

Carrionites:     Look at you there, a man so young and so old
standing upright, you demand to be told
how we three sisters could truly be free
when instead you should offer us your plea

did you think we'd forget you and your deed?
that we wouldn't imagine watching you bleed?
You trapped us all in that tiny glass dome,
but it broke open in battle… like that one from your home

Gallifrey is burnt,
your lesson is learnt
now we speed things along
with a life ending song
Roses… are red,
except when they're dead
as violets are blue,
so will be you
for with this last hex,
both souls to vex
to pain every heart,
we'll rip this world apart

Doctor 10.5:     Wait! …Before that, I have a few words to speak
for though you take me to be passive and weak
I'm quite brilliant with words and can use them just right
to stand calm before you and name thee Carrionite!

Carrionites:     Haha! Poor boy has forgotten… it only works once
Now look at that face, the disappointed dunce
But though you've named us in a time-place before
you're different from that man of fate and folklore

So how will it go for a man once unnamable
now with one heart and much more blamable
what say you sisters, shall we give it a try?

shall we see if we can make this once-doctor die?

Aw… What goes up, must xanax xr come down
so you, now like a ship run aground,
are trapped in this same but different place
as a man with a girl and his last new face

you used to travel in… a box… a stolen TARDIS
anywhere any-when until it all went amiss
no… not you, it was never you in command
you're nothing more than a regene rated hand

but, as if struck with a curse, you remember it all
and remember the destruction of your fall
you became the destroyer of multiple races
and will never escape death with any new faces

so, all that you've seen, and all that you've done
all the worlds you've saved and battles you've won
how do you handle it now, how do. you. cope?
are you not at the end of a thin fraying rope

think of all you have lost, even yourself left you here
so you stand there friendless, and… oh …is that fear?
after all your destruction losing your name's only fair
for to still call you “doctor,” no one should dare

So with that your end had finally come
Somehow fitting, lets add four beats of a drum
you were the stuff of legend and myth
but now you're nothing more than… John Smith.

Aha! So he succumbs to his mortal fate
and h ere comes his girl(?), but only too late
Yet, impossible… she must be out of her time
Quickly, together, let's speak her a new rhyme

Yes girl, there he lies, a death finally true
Now it is time to properly name you
You loved this man who belongs in a hearse
Mourn not, for we'll speak you the same curse!

Rose:     No! Did you think I'd be quiet and not claim my rites?
You thought I wouldn't take the power and name you Carrionites!
(Oh yes!) And this is My Doctor… See? Alive and well,
Now I cast you into the Void, a place some have named Hell.

Doctor:     Ha! Brilliantly done
Now, as always, lets run
Nothin' here to see
and nothing to say but… Alons-y!


Thanks! Hope you liked it!