Independent Endeavors

I am finding myself drawn with even greater intensity to the realm of independent creations. As you know, this is the route that I took to get my book published. It is going to take a lot to market this book, but all this work is worth the knowledge that it’s mine. I don’t have to argue for the film and audio rights. They are mine. If I want this to become a movie (that is, if there’s enough interest) then I can choose to take it that direction. Any other form of my book is all in my control. Too often these rights are negotiated out of the hands of their creators and then changed beyond recognition in translation.

This last fact is especially true of screen writers. They spend all the time and research getting their script ready to pitch. If someone likes it they basically buy the rights to the script from the screen writer. They are no longer involved. The script is then handed to a team of up to five or so more writers who pick it apart and change what ever they like until the original work is gone.

In this world of interactive social media and with sites like indiegogo and kickstarter, I see no reason why we can’t declare ourselves independent. To declare ourselves free of all the complications selling our hard work to someone who may only buy it so no one else can (to stick it on a shelf and forget about it – this happens).

Those of you who know me therefore know that writing books is only part of my endeavors. I will soon become active in the film making world again, having stepped out while I wrote my book. I intend to rally the realm of the independent consumers who are tired of having no say in what they get for entertainment. There is big, big news on the horizon. But first my books sales must be the wind I’ll catch to reach my destination.