My Acne Cure

Alright. Let’s face it. It’s isn’t like my struggle with my complexion wasn’t obvious. I’m sure no one was judging me, but it wasn’t like my skin struggles were a well-kept secret. So I’m going to ignore all the awkwardness and  would-be obligatory embarrassment and just get to the point. I had cystic acne. For over fifteen years. But not anymore. Because I cured myself.

I was told by dermatologists that there was nothing to be done. “This is your skin. You’ll just have to deal with the acne.” Well. I dealt with it alright. I cured it. I haven’t had an acne outbreak in over six months and I will never have one again. So I came clean about my new clear skin and wrote a booklet about it. I describe my struggle with cystic acne, which was actually difficult to write. The reaction to acne is to cover it up, including by not talking about it. But I might be able to help other people with this! So I ignored all the embarrassment and awkwardness and wrote about it. Then! I described what I did that gave me these results. So hopefully someone else will be able to experience going out without any make-up on, as I can now.

It’s a short, but personal testimony about the single most painful aspect of my life. Yet it includes my most successful triumph as well. I did what the dermatologist told me – in no uncertain terms – was impossible. I cured my cystic acne. I gave myself clear skin. I hope that people share this with as many people as possible in order to spread hope to other cystic acne sufferers.

This booklet is on Kindle, but if you don’t have a Kindle device you can still download it to your computer. Under the purchase button is a link that reads “Available on your PC.” This will give you a Kindle Reader application, basically, for your computer. This booklet is brief enough that it wouldn’t be difficult to read at your computer. Please share this journal or the Amazon page on your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). You never know who you could help.

Here’s a link for this page: ONLY $0.99!



  1. Corissa,

    First off, congratulations about solving your acne issues. You are and have always been beautiful. I think you know that. Regardless, I also know how much your skin outbreaks bothered you. As you’ve mentioned in the past, it’s not just an appearance thing. The outbreaks also painful. Or as you once told me, “They frickin’ hurt!” So again, I am VERY happy to hear you have conquered this.

    Second. Choosing to share your success story as an ebook is absolutely brilliant! You’re doing exactly what a writer does in life. She writes. I’m proud of you. You’re living it, and your doing it your way. I will start tweeting about “My Acne Cure” this Monday. I also have a cousin I will recommend your book to.

    You rock.


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