My First Interview!

Hello all!

So, I’ve been absent from my website for a while, but with good cause. I’ve been busy integrating changes to this site, creating profiles on others, and doing some marketing manuevers that I hope will boost sales on The Shadow of Dracula; Harker’s Inheritance a bit. Which would be cool.

I’ve also been busy on a million things in preparing to move into preproduction on a few film projects! I’ll be back on set in no time! Well, here’s hoping anyway. I don’t say that to deflate the excitement; just adding a touch of realism here. There’s A LOT going on, but I’m going to wait to really start talking about it until it’s happening. But believe me. Something is happening. You’ll see.

For instance. I’ve been in the local paper! Cover story, even! This is my first official interview for something that was solely mine. It’s a new paper, so the don’t have their website up and running at full capacity otherwise I’d give a link to the article. But! Not to be defeat here! I’ve upload snapshots of the articles which, when clicked on, should open to a size allowing you to read it. Low-tech wins!

So, I’ll conclude my post here. Enjoy the article! I know I did.

Front page news!
One of three.

Continued! Top of Pg 6.

You should be able to find your spot in column one below, then back to the top above!

Continued! Bottom of Pg 6.

Thanks for taking the low-tech trip of excitement and publicity! Until next time, all my loves to you.

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