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My New Year’s Revolution

That is not a typo… I’m not making New Year “Resolutions” this year. I’m starting 2015 with a personal Revolution. What do I mean? Well, it’s a simple switch of an ‘S’ to a ‘V’, but it changes the tone entirely.

Resolution (n.): a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Revolution (n.): a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.

See, while the former works… the latter has much more attitude behind it. And I have been in desperate need for that “give ’em hell” attitude (Supernatural fans, you get my reference, right?) I’m not deciding anything. I’m forcibly overthrowing all the thoughts, insecurities, and fears that have been governing/dictating my way of life. It’s time for a change in mental leadership.

I’m establishing a new system.

A system of self-confidence. Of self-belief. A system of a taking charge and taking action. I’m in control now. My uncertainty and doubt have fallen to the siege I waged on them. Come midnight (CST) I will place myself in the oval office/throne (whatever) of my own life.

For example. A long tradition of New Year’s is for millions of people resolve to “get in shape”. More often than not this “decision” is not a strong enough push to break old habits or to withstand the peer pressure that comes against the changes that are necessary for succeeding in this endeavor. If you’ve experiences this imagine instead the force of momentum when you initiate a revolution on your health and fitness. A movement such as this could extend to those surrounding you. And I hope it does.

I lost some ground in the latter half of 2014 in my fitness endeavors. So now I’ll began a revolution to overthrow all the thoughts and eating habits that have taken the place of my plans. I have specific goals for what physical skills I will develop in 2015. Handstands. Finally getting that Spartan Race Trifecta Badge of Honor. Resuming my martial arts training. You need to have a bullseye to aim for, right? So get specific and hit your targets.


2014 was one of THE most difficult years for me. As I have a strong commitment to the truth I will “out with it”. Yes, I moved to Los Angeles. It’s been exciting and the momentum is building. However, I also had to make the extremely emotional decision to file chapter 13 bankruptcy on my student loan debt. My bills had become 2/3rds the the amount of my monthly income. Trust me, I tried everything else first. After much research I concluded that this was the only way I could take control of my circumstances. I have since come to feel empowered by this choice. But there was a long, long stretch of utter, dark depression first.

So I declare a revolution for my financial “situation”. It isn’t about wanting to have millions of dollars. Honestly, it’s just about wanting to be able to breathe. I have never in my life earned an income above the federal poverty line. I know some people who have made more in a month than I’ve made in a year. I’m not saying this to complain or make a useless comparison. Rather, I’m pointing this out to declare…

My turn.

In 2015, I will resume my “Coffee with Corissa” videos. I’ll be actively creative. Acting. Writing. Videos. Photos. Etc. I’m putting plans in place to starting my own film company. I will embrace my inner badass. I’ve been intimidated and self-conscious about showing my true self. I was scared of the attention that being boldly different brings. Not anymore. I won’t ever be attention seeking or narcissistic, but I won’t hide the talent/skills I’ve been blessed with. I will use them. I will… Shine. I will seek out ways to help this world find peace/common ground. At least, I’ll be the change… and all that.

So, feel free to join the Revolution. Instead of “Happy New Year” this 2015, let’s say… Happy New You!