Never Ending

So, those of you following my posts know that I have brought my book to the Kindle and into paperback formats. It took a lot of effort and the frustration of figuring it out as I went along basically, nearly killed me. Okay, my not killed…persay. But it is not as simple as it sounds.

Still. After all that… I still haven’t even started on the hardest part of all. Marketing. Real. True. Proper marketing. I have written a book. But now I have to tell the world about it. I am about to embark on the treacherous waters known as the Sea of Sales. Now, despite being from the Land of 10,000 Lakes (Minnesota’s motto), I don’t much care for sailing. Anyway. Here I am. Sitting on the dock of the bay…

Thing is, I just like telling a story. I like performing stories. I don’t like giving sales pitches. My attitude is, if you are interested then you’ll buy it. Yet you (in the general sense) first have to hear about it to be interested. That’s where the marketing comes in. And that’s the new thing I have to learn as I go along.

I am constantly teaching myself new things. I don’t want to ever stop learning. But I am getting tired of the new things I’m learning getting in the way of the things I actually want to be doing. However, this is all just the foundation. Or, rather, the hull. To keep up with the nautical metaphors. This is the hull to keep me afloat, to get me where I’m going. I’m off the edge of the map. But, weigh anchor, drop sails, run out the sweeps. Now…. Bring me that horizon.


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