Post Haste

So I’m having to restrain myself, to keep my excitement at bay. Last night I ordered the proof copy of the print version of The Shadow of Dracula; Harker’s Inheritance. My book my book, will soon be arriving in physical form upon my doorstep!

I want to have a chance to look at it, make sure it’s of good, professional quality before I put it out there for everyone to buy. It’s hard to wait, because I was hoping to get it out there for everyone – even by today. However, my own eagerness needs to keep to the sidelines in favor of a more professional course of action.

Once the print version is out I’ll return to developing the multi-compatible digital file. For now I need to plan the marketing strategies for the print copy, which will include a lot of research and even more writing.

So there it is. The paperback in the post. And a blog post, post-haste. (Word play!) I’m keeping this brief today, since the main goal is to let you know where things are in the process of getting my book out there. I will now return to the research and prep-work. I’ll be back again tomorrow.

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