So I haven’t been updating as frequently because I’ve been working on another writing project. This will be in the film arena again, at last. I indicate impatience for my own benefit. I’ve been missing the world of film making. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an actress first, a writer second, and a producer/director when need be (or if the script is right). I don’t think you’re suppose to say that. I believe you’re suppose to pick one thing and identify yourself accordingly. But I can’t. I can’t be caged. I’d tear…well, let’s not get graphic.

Still. I’ve written a book. And moments ago I got off the phone with a writer for a local newspaper who arranged to interview me. A whole article, just about me and my book… It’s really strange, actually. I mean, it’s GREAT that many more people will be hearing about me book. It’s just a weird polar opposite to the experience of writing. I usually hole up like Bilbo Baggins and write and write away. But I’m about to be dragged from my hole – not entirely unwillingly, of course – and sent to tell people about my book.

Next Saturday I’ll be sat down at a table with two other local authors and introduce myself and my book to a maybe-interested public. Again, strange! My general attitude tends to be, “Yeah, I wrote a book if you’re interested. If not, well I ain’t gonna beg ya to buy it…that’d be awkward.” Haha, basically I suck as a sales person.

All awkwardness aside, however, I actually am looking forward to it! What I’m really looking forward to is meeting people who are fans of my book. I’m at the stage right now where people are more interested because they know, or have a chance to know, the author of a book. It doesn’t much matter right now what I wrote. But people have to hear about it before they can decide if they are interested enough to buy a copy!

This is only the beginning. Eventually I’m hoping to branch back into the realm of film making. Maybe I’ll have a growing fan-base by then. And cue another strange, mixed emotional response to that concept. On that, I’m going to get going, to get back to writing. Again.

Thank you to all those who have been so supportive along the way!

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