Titanium Rain Audio Drama

The exciting graphic novel Titanium Rain is excellently retold in this gripping audio drama produced by the Audio Comics Company. The listener is taken into the philosophical debates of Alec Killian, into the depths of a furture warscape, and up into the high-tech cockpit of the F-35X “Hellcat” as seen in the art of the original work. As one who has been listening to a lot of audio dramas I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the Titanium Rain Audio Drama. I was so taken away with it that I was ready to hit the replay button immediately after it ended. In fact, I’m listening it to it again now.

I am a fan of story lines that explore the tension of the grey zone, acknowledging that the world is a complicated place that cannot be fashioned into clear-cut black and white, right and wrongs. “To be alive… …is to be at odds with the world.” I am also a fan of the war genre, and more so when the gritty confusion of the battlefield. Hearing Alec Killian’s description of piloting the F-35X fighter jet brought an excited smile to my face and I felt my heart rate accelerate. I loved it. Loved it.

As a kid I used to get a book from the library on how to fold all these different types of paper airplanes. My brother and I would turn the kitchen table into a hanger. Or, actually, a battleship – if you consider the size and shape. I used to obsess about Migs and F-16s and wanted to be a fighter pilot. But I wear glasses. So Titanium Rain’s description of the Prometheus project ruling out that issue, I was further seduced. And moreover, the intricate sociopolitical issues surrounding this project in the fictional world.

I often describe Titanium Rain as a glimpse into the future of the US Air Force. Now with the audio drama you can hear it, experience it. The audio, voice actors, and music are all top-notch. Five stars; which is one more than an Air Force General gets!

The Titanium Rain Audio Drama’s original soundtrack was composed by Jonathan Sharp. It is as exciting as the audio drama itself. It is also available as a separate track along with the audio drama on Amazon.

If you love the rush of jet engines, the thrilling buzz-snap of gatling guns and rifle fire, and the philosophical struggle of conflicting ideologies then the Titanium Rain Audio Comic is for you. My recommendation soars higher than even the Phoenix Squadron could reach. And they have biotech assistance.

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