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Unstoppable. This is one of the words used to describe the participants of the Spartan Races. It is also a word I am re-learning to use when describe myself.

I’ve hit a lot (like, a lot a lot) of obstacles in my pursuit of my dreams of being an actress/filmmaker. Most of these obstacles are built around one key issue. Insufficient funds. The rest are made of insufficient time. Brutal combination, right?

Well, I’m more brutal.

Or at least I will be once I start completing these Spartan Races. This process is all about getting my brain back on track. To be honest, I hit a rough patch of something known as depression. This was triggered by a failure to find a job that provided enough money to pay mounting student loan debt. Which resulted in having to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Which was soul-crush. So there’s that.

The job I got in order to pay the attorney fees was so hard on me physically that I lost all the fitness that I had developed over a year of hard core training. This devastated me further. On top of this, I had other health concerns that my insurance wouldn’t cover. At all.

Everything seemed to band together with the singular, express purpose of utterly annihilating me. And it did for a while. But I decided to Always Keep Fighting. (Who gets it? 😉

AKF - Jared Padalecki

BUT NOW. Oh, it’s on! (PS: Props to whoever made the above image!)

I found a new, better, full-time job. I will hold this manager position while I course-correct all the areas that fell apart before. I’ve started working out everyday again. My new insurance will get my health taken care of properly. (I’m fine, just behind in a few areas. Like dental and optical.)

Plus, I’m repairing my credit and paying bills on time! All of this is really helping getting my brain back in the game. I’ve even slated myself to join a 4 session acting class at the end of the month! So generally, I’m becoming UNSTOPPABLE again. I’m not moving very fast… Like, not even close. But I’m MOVING. And I’m not stopping. I always keep fighting. I even Shine a little, once in a while.

That’s what counts, wouldn’t you say?