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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Today is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”s birthday. He was born in Scotland in 1859 and is most known as the brilliant writer who brought us the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. There are several reasons I chose to write about him today. The first has already been stated.

The second reason is that over the next few days I will be writing my so-called reviews of the BBC mystery/drama Sherlock. These will include spoilers so if you haven”t seen the show yet please do check it out.

The final reason I am writing about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is that I have just started reading his Sherlock Holmes stories.

Reading these stories will be an intriguing study, just as watching the television program is. (I haven”t seen much about the U.S. production Elementary, but I have a strong preference for all things Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, among others). I will find it fun to learn the intricacies of mystery storytelling through reading Doyle”s masterful work.

So, happy birthday Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!