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TMI: City of Bones – Pre-Film Review

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
A Pre-Film Review

(Includes a special focus on character Luke Garroway/Lucian Graymark (to be played by Aidan Turner) at the end). Because: Aidan Turner.

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES (by Cassandra Clare) begins a young adult fiction novel series of epic and inspiring magnitude. Our main characters are Clary Fray and Jace … uh, well… (Enigmatic moment!) The fandom support of these characters is wildly enthusiastic and not without reason. These characters are central to an underlining subplot that amplifies (to high heaven) the pre-adult drama of self-discovery and personal identity.

Clary is just a regular teenage girl, red-haired and wiry, who lives in New York. Nothing extraordinary happens to her… Or does it, and she just doesn”t remember…? A strange and mythical world begins opening itself to Clary when her mother, Jocelyn Fray, is attack and disappears (an event that happens while Clary is out but on the phone with her). She discovers a new place in this world behind the Glamour, soon realizing there”s much more to herself, her mother, and even her surrogate father-figure.

That”s the description. Here”s the part where I recommend this book (and it”s series) FOR ANY AGE. Well, teen and up anyway.

You see, I thought that I wouldn”t like it because I”m not a teenager. I thought it would be too young, in style, for me. But there are the adult characters and their stories. I found myself fascinated with the background of the mounting tension preceding war, a group called The Circle, in a country called Idris. See, while Clary (Clarissa) is young, the author – Cassandra Clare – does excellent work at making some adult insight possible, even if the main character doesn”t understand it.

For instance, Clary”s early interactions with her father-figure, (her mother”s best friend Luke Garroway), she believes that he is coldly shutting her out an abandoning her. My thoughts, as an adult, was to rationalize that he himself is in danger and has to push Clary away in order to protect her. Eventually we are told Luke”s story. My heart has yet to recover. Thing is, I really (I mean, really) identify with the character of Luke Garroway. So naturally he became my favorite character. Those of you who follow me on Twitter have been seeing my #LoveForLucian tweets, nearly daily. (Lucian Graymark is his real name).

Which brings me to my special focus section for the Aidan Turner Filmography series.

I knew from page one that Aidan Turner will be portraying Luke Garroway for the film. That made it all the easier to love the character. If you”ve been following my List series, then you know that I am a fan of Turner”s work. You”ll also have heard me talking about how impressed I am with his depths and intensity (it”s still not the eyebrows). So having seen his wide range from heartbroken sobs to terrifyingly ferocious, I knew they had made an excellent choice in casting him for this long-suffering character. And knowing the character (by having read the books) makes me that much more excited to see the film when it hits theaters (IMDb currently lists it for August, 2013).

I have one more thing to say before I wrap this up. I want to go on record to say how much I love and appreciate how Cassandra Clare creates a badass villain but NEVER PROMOTES HATING HIM. Luke Garroway is so inspiring in his talk and treatment of the villain, Valentine Morgenstern (formerly his best friend). Cassandra Clare complicates her world in so many ways, but this is the most challenging. Luke still retains his love and sense of loss for their friendship when he finally meets Valentine again. I”m going to make you read the books to learn why this is such a profound thing, but it makes you love and support Luke all the more. (Thus, daily tweets using the #LoveForLucian hashtag).

So: THANK YOU Cassandra Clare. In a moment of true, raw honesty – this aspect/storyline (Luke/Valentine) of your Shadowhunter world parallels some old wounds of mine and has helped speed the healing (werewolf style!) of deep scars. (Also: Give Aidan Turner a hug for me, will ya? ^_^ ). I am a loving, loyal subject to the TMI fandom.

Right, so!

Ending Remarks (the recap!):

Who are you, behind the Glamour?!

Luke Garroway, I love you. You are my Alpha.

Best friends are the worst enemies. But keep your love for them.