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Welcome to Coffee with Corissa!

This is the page for all the links to my on-going YouTube show Coffee with Corissa!

I will be adding all the links to the episodes as they are released. Below you will see a list of all planned episodes of #CoffeeWithCorissa. Hyperlinks will be added when the (articles and) episodes go live. Share your thoughts/hopes/dreams/et cetera with me over on Twitter: @CorissaBaker! So, what is #CoffeeWithCorissa all about?

My inner-actress has decided to do a filmography commentary of my favorite actors/actresses/directors. Full disclosure is that ALL commentaries/reviews/reaction videos will be POSITIVE. Even if the movie wasn’t that great (read: B-list) I will find positive things to say about it. Or, I will offer my (script) Doctor’s Treatment (as I’ll call it) and share my thoughts on how it could have been done differently. Totes not in a judgmental way tho. That’s just not my style.

Pour a cup of your favorite beverage (you already know mine) and be entertained!

(Clickable links are in BOLD PURPLE!)

The Walking Dead: Character Analysis Series.

(Don’t see your favorite character here**? Tell me who you want to hear my thoughts on – @CorissaBaker!)

The Family Grimes: Rick Grimes  –  Lori Grimes  –  Carl Grimes

Tame Shane to Insane Shane!

Brother’s Keeper (Losers Weepers): Merle Dixon

Dawn of the Dixon: Daryl through the Seasons

From Passive to Powerful (and back again?): Carol Peletier

[Episodes based on season one characters in development: Dale Horvath, Glen Rhee, Andrea/Amy, T-Dog. . .]

**Season 2-8 episode/characters will be added as soon as available!

Breaking Bad: Character Analysis Series.

Chemistry: Mr. White and Pinkman

Junior: What’s in a Name

Who Cooks What: The White Family Business

The Chemical Compound: Jesse’s Life (with Death)

Heisenberg: Hank Schrader Role in Creating a Kingpin

Gus Fring: Distributing Death


More Coming Soon. . . !