About Me!

Hello, friends! Welcome to my blog!

This is my place where I write updates and general musings! Expect many film/tv references and occasional fan-spaz moments. This is where I let my hair down, take off the chain mail, and just have fun. I mean, I do the professional stuff and thaaangs too! But you get the point.

My personality has been described as like Jessica Day from NEW GIRL; a comparison I firmly agree with actually. So yay for that! Originally from the frozen tundra of Hoth (which locals call ‘Minnesota’) I have permanently transposed myself to the desert-like region of a strange new planet known as Southern California. More specifically, Los Angeles. A place where you look at the sidewalk rather than the sky in order to see stars. Fascinating. . .

My continuing mission? To explore (and create) strange new worlds. . . To seek out a new life, (to experience) new civilizations. . . And to bold go where I have never gone before! Like, maybe an audition for a Spielberg movie or something. Never know. It could happen!

The point is. . . I’m having fun and battling to make my dreams come true!

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