About Me!

Welcome! As my URL indicates, I’m Corissa Baker. I’m an entertainment writer, actress, content creator, and overall much too earnest for my own good. I prefer puns to sarcasm.

My personality is as if Jessica Day (NEW GIRL) were a character on THE WALKING DEAD. Originally a reject Frost Giant from Jotunheim (which locals call ‘Minnesota’), I have permanently transposed myself to the desert-like region of a strange new realm called Southern California. Well, Los Angeles, to be specific.

I write my entertainment reviews and think-pieces (for lack of better term) with a positive light from the perspective of an actress/writer. My goal – if I were to have any – is to enrich the enjoyment of film/TV by sharing a unique perspective of the story/performances. My articles are never so much a ‘review’ as they are an invitation to continue a conversation initiated by the art. They are also exercised in character/story breakdown meant to help me develop as a working actress.

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